Aug 17, 2013

UXCAMPHH13: Communicating In Style

Birgit Geiberger: Communicating In Style

In our field we put a high focus on users, mental models, personas, computer-human-interaction and often miss out on the human-human-interaction during the design process. Successful communication of your contributions to different stakeholders can be greatly improved by applying communication styles. By understanding your style, recognising the style of others and flexing your personal style to others, you will learn to gain the necessary awareness to overcome communication breaking points within the design process. I will explain the concept of communication styles, show how to identify your own style and that of co-workers. I will show you how to adapt your own style to others to ensure you will be heard during the process and help you to overcome conflicts.

Recorded at UXCamp HH 2013. Please excuse the audio quality.

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