Sep 26, 2013

RFC13-4: Crowdfunding

Celine LazorthesCrowdfunding, A New Economy? Reeperbahn Festival 2013

The financial sector is one of the few sectors that has not yet been disrupted. While it may be possible today to access one’s bank balance online, old habits still dominate the financial sector. However, in contrast to the on-going recession, a new financial model is gaining more and more momentum: crowdfunding. Recording an album, starting a company or yet raising funds for a good cause – the “crowd” assumes its power and boosts innovation y reuniting its force. In 2013, five billion dollar will be collected on crowdfunding sites around the globe. In ten years, crowdfunding websites will already handle 1000 billion dollars per year.

Céline Lazorthes is the founder of two of Europe’s leading players within the collaboration consumption:, a website for group financing and MangoPay, a certified payment solution for the collaborative consumption. In her talk, Lazorthes would like to highlight the advantages and also the risks of the so-called shareconomy and also take a look at the legal perspective.

Many thanks to Celine for the permission to share the recording.

Update: A video is available as well.


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